Rent of buses, minivans, cars with drivers

  • Modern car park, comfortable transport.
  • Quick management of renting services.
  • Polite and disciplined drivers.
  • Experienced dispatchers working for 12 years.
  • Flexible price-making policy.

Passenger traffic in Saint Petersburg

Our company offers high quality services in the field of passenger traffic. We have been successfully working in Saint Petersburg since 1996 and providing services in the field of passenger and tourist traffic. Our clients include tourist companies, building societies, banks, educational establishments, grassroot organizations and churches. Our company is experienced in servicing large exhibitions, sport, public and political events. We offer buses for weddings, school excursions and many other purposes. We are especially glad to work with foreign tourists: St. Petersburg and Russia sight seeing tours, airport transfers, corporate trips etc.

Our car park allows you to select the appropriate transport beginning from economical up to comfortable business class leve.

Car park

VIP buses
  Volvo B12/600 850-950 rub./hour
  MAN 900-950 rub./hour
  Mercedes-Benz 350 Turismo 900-950 rub./hour
Comfortable buses produced in 2000-2008 with air conditioning
  MAN 800-900 rub./hour
  MAN 800-900 rub./hour
  Scania Irizar 800-900 rub./hour 
  Mercedes-Benz 350 800-900 rub./hour
Comfortable minibuses for 36 seats produced in 2007-2008 with air conditioning
  Yutong 700-750 rub./hour
  Yutong 700-750 rub./hour
Comfortable buses produced in 1995-2000 with air conditioning
  Mercedes DragMuller 330 800-850 rub./hour
  Mercedes DragMuller 330 800-850 rub./hour
  MAN 800-850 rub./hour
  EOS 200 800-850 rub./hour
Comfortable buses produced in 1990-1995 with air conditioning
  Volvo B10M 800 rub./hour
  Bova 800 rub./hour
Buses without air conditioning
  Volvo B10M 750-800 rub./hour
Comfortable minibuses with air conditioning
  Mercedes-Benz 500 rub./hour
  Volkswagen 450-500 rub./hour
  Volkswagen Caravelle 450-500 rub./hour